It was a regular Sunday morning and we had our big shopping plans. Shopping at the hypermarket for the daily needs also known as “The Bread Anda shopping ;)” We had plans to be in and out of the store in 10 mins flat and we landed up spending almost up-to an hour if not less. Only if I had my SUPERMARKET HACKS handy.

Time spent at the supermarket is directly proportional to the junk we pick. When people visit the supermarket to buy perishable items,like milk or eggs, there is a high probability that we will often land up stocking a lot of heavily processed foods.

Supermarket Hacks if you intend to eat clean and healthy here are some quick supermarket hacks that will come handy:

1. Opt for lightly processed foods like whole grain pastas, Flour etc.

2. You will normally find less processed items in the periphery of the store so stick to the periphery and don’t wander and get lost in the myriad of aisles offering a variety processed food options

3. Things like cereals, chips and sodas are normally stocked on the inside and usually at eye level. Food marketing is a big business. Placing highly processed items at eye level where we can easily reach them is one of the key strategy.

4. Plan your weekly meals.

5. It’s a good idea to make a shopping list before you go to the store.And then try and stick to that list.

6. Don’t Shop when you are hungry as you are bound to stock up on high calorie quick snacks.

7. Avoid the middle aisle. The center aisles are where the imperishable/ highly processed foods are stored. Food is meant to be perishable and if it doesn’t it means it has been subjected to such extreme treatments that its unfit for even microbes to thrive.

8. The more the ingredients, higher the chances of the food being highly processed.

9. If you can recognise the ingredients listed this almost always means the food is less processed

10. Foods that don’t come with an ingredient list like fresh fruits, vegetables are the finest choice one can make in terms of being un processed.

11. Use your label reading skills to work out which are the best choices and look for these each time you shop.

12. Stock up on the basics like onion, tomato, oil, ginger, garlic etc. to avoid frequent visits.

11. Shop twice in a week and you might get entry into the express less than 10 items check out counter.

Next time you visit a supermarket don’t forget to sit back and observe the relation between the shoppers weight and number of jumbo packs of breakfast cereals, chips, colas or any other processed food in their trolley. Supermarket visits can be extremely enlightening if we want to observe the current trends and marketing strategies used to promote hyper processed foods. For eg. +20% free or buy 1 get 1 free promotions are a regular site.

All these trends are indicative of the factors responsible in contributing towards the epidemic of OBESITY.

Shop Smart, Eat Smart