The Art of Choosing What You Eat, and Beyond

At Beyond Nutrition, we believe that good health isn’t guaranteed by that crash-diet you just signed up for, or the gym membership you bought. Good health is the result of choices you make every minute; choices of what you eat, how you eat and when you eat; choices of when you work out, and how you relax.

These choices reflect not just in your body and skin, but also in the attitude you carry, and the positivity you spread. At Beyond Nutrition, we help you make these choices, and implement positive lifestyle changes – one step at a time.

Beyond Nutrition| Nutrition for Complete Wellness

Fitness doesn’t just imply a perfect figure. Fitness is more about determination, effort, persistence, dedication and above all, discipline. A fit body reflects a beautiful mind that is efficient at work, and joyful in life.

With our expert guidance, we make certain that you embrace small lifestyle changes, to get on your path to complete wellness.

Who is the program for?

Everyone has a right to good health. This program is suitable for all individuals

  • Who want to create a positive change in their life by making small amends to their lifestyle.
  • Who have a focus on wellness, and want a lasting solution to their health related issues.
  • Who believe prevention is better than cure – and intend to reduce the risk of non-communicable medical conditions that are driven by lifestyle triggers.

Dr. Varuna Rao is a health enthusiast and wellness coach. With a PhD in Food Science and Nutrition, and over 13 years of experience in the field, Dr. Varuna specialises in target group based nutrition campaigns, content creation, new product development, consumer insight, Menu planning, Awareness workshops, wellness related expertiseand helps individuals and corporates, embrace healthy regimes. She is also a International Diabetes Educator certified by the International Diabetes Association.

With a focus on 360-degree lifestyle analysis, personalized planning and goal-oriented implementation of complete wellness, Dr. Varuna adapts a holistic approach to health and wellness. Her diverse clientele includes individuals from all walks of life, across age groups and fitness levels.

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