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I’m sure all you health enthusiasts have heard about Quinoa the new Superfoods in the block. People are willing to pay an exorbitant price for Quinoa and are even requesting friends and families travelling to US to buy a stock load for them.
Why sweat over QUINOA when we have our very own powerhouse MILLETS.
MILLETS is a very strong contender of Quinoa when it comes to nutritional and health benefits.

MILLETS like Fox Tail, Barnyard Millet, Ragi / Finger Millet, Little Millet and Pearl Millet have numerous health benefits apart from being cost effective.

Millets: How To Use

• Millet porridge or Upma for breakfast
• Add the cooked whole grain to soup.
• If your kids like MAC & CHEESE, Just add butter and grated Parmesan.
• Use millet flour mixed with wheat for chapatis or in bread and muffin recipes.
• Replace couscous with this wheat-free alternative.
• Mix millet flour with your idli dosa batter.


So wake up early and feed not jus the birds but eat the wholesome goodness for a healthy life.