Spices are high in antioxidants among other food categories.
Turmeric is ideal for joint aches, skin health, immunity and digestive system maintenance.
Cumin or Jeera is known for its anti carcinogenic properties and works wonders for skin on regular use.
Naturally low in calories, garlic is a super food and helps fighting common colds, blood pressure, cholesterol and has even shown to have preventive role in Alzheimers.
Carrom or Ajwain seeds improves digestion and and provides relief from colds and asthma.
Cinnamon is not only a natural sweetener but also helps improve digestion, skin health, promotes weight loss and reduces cholesterol.
Fennel is not only a mouth freshener but helps in improving digestion, alleviate water retention and helps in reducing respiratory illness.

You are what you eat

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We believe that in your choice of food, lies the simple secret to a successful life – the healthier you eat, the happier you are.
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Healthy lifestyle is Healthy You

Our aim is to ensure that you feel energetic and feel peaceful despite the hustle of a stressful routine. In the long run, we aim to reduce the risk of non-communicable medical conditions, and thereby enhance the quality of your life.

We empower your life with wellness, for the most meaningful experiences!


Varuna, my fitness mentor; she is the one and only nutritionist I have ever consulted and I am glad I chose her. I appreciate the way she has worked on me, right from scratch - my medical records, my lifestyle, my food habits, and understanding what a Gujarati like me relishes etc. She worked around all this information accordingly and never suggested a crash diet but planned a systematic step by step regimen that suits my lifestyle and personality. And the results were amazing. I see a marked change in myself and I completely owe it to her. She has guided, supported, pushed and celebrated this journey with me and I shall always remain eternally thankful to her.
Ami Thakkar
Varuna understands the requirement of a person and the practical hinderances one can have due to time contstraints. Varuna did a wonderful job at identifying areas to improve in my day-to-day diet without spending hours in the kitchen. It was great to set goals and see the results. Her approach is realistic that can be easily incorporated into a busy schedule.
With growing admiration i kept watching a little girl at the gym working out with strength & dedication. Later it was no surprise to learn that she was a national level table tennis player & a qualified nutritionist. My lipid & glucose levels had been going haywire. her approach to nutrition was different & very new age which appealed to me. within 2 weeks a repeat blood tests revealed changing values for the better. she has always been around to guide & support..... kudos to Varuna
Divia Aiyappa
Varuna is the go-to person for a first time Mom who needs advice for her diet and the baby's! I reached out to Varuna for help during lactation as I'm lactose sensitive and needed a balanced diet. At a time when everyone around me convinced me I'd never be able to feed my baby without drinking milk myself, Varuna was my beacon of light! She helped me gain confidence and incorporated appropriate galactagogues and I'm happy to share that at a time when doctors said I would need to supplement with formula from day 1, we are now 10 months and going strong! As a mother herself, Varuna is the best consultant I can have for my baby's diet and she has proven to me invaluable in her advice here too! Here's wishing her Varuna all the very best in her new venture and I can assure you that you're in safe hands with her!
I am so glad to have your diet plan in my routine as you know being a wildlife photographer it's very tough to handle bad health and over weight body. Fact is being a gym owner myself I use to depend only on exercises as I am a foodie but I must tell you after following your diet plan I have reduced 2.5 kgs in 20 days and also loving the recipe as it's easily available in the market. Once I tried dieting also as my trainer suggested for a quick weight loss but my immunity got affected. You have a great knowledge of what to eat and what not to . God bless you Varuna my best wishes for the "Beyond nutrition" It's rightly said " To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art."
Abhilasha Yadav
Thank you Varuna in being my guiding star. I owe my health to you. Its because of the small yet effective changes you did in my lifestyle and dietary habits that my sugar levels are in control and I am a better aware person.
Working with Varuna is great. She’ll get you going right with nutrition and help you set your goals. Thanks Varuna –  I’m now a much happier and healthier person.
Ankita Bajaj
Varuna taught me how to eat, what to eat and when to eat. She guided me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercise and nutrition in my daily schedule. For once, someone was finally there to guide me with a struggle that I had always had. Not only was varuna helping me with my nutrition, but with my overall wellness. She is my wellness coach. Thank you Varuna.
New Delhi
I was not a part of the usual bandwagon of losing or gaining weight. I was more interested in how I could improve my body composition through better nutrition. Varuna brought a wealth of knowledge both in terms of practical dietary suggestions and exercises, but also in explaining the science behind how different foods have different impact on our body. As a result of these changes, I feel more efficient throughout the day and feel better informed every time I walk into the grocery store.
Karuna Joshi

Achieving goals has never been easier!

There is no shortcut. It takes time to create a Better, Stronger version of yourself. Different bodies have different needs. We create lifestyle recommendations tailored to suit you, and your preferences – making it easier to set and measure goals.

Our expert nutrition programs are designed keeping in mind your very requirements. We become your trusted partners for creating and following through on your diet and exercise plans. We provide motivation as well as check, to make sure you are on track.

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